Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a small South Pacific island northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia. Surrounded by sand-fringed motus (islets) and a turquoise lagoon protected by a coral reef, it’s known for its scuba diving. It’s also a popular luxury resort destination where some guest bungalows are perched over the water on stilts. At the island’s center rises Mt. Otemanu, a 727m dormant volcano.

The little island of Bora (pretty much 6 miles in length and somewhat more than 2 miles wide) floods with magnificence. A torpid spring of gushing lava ascends at its inside and fans out into lavish wilderness before spilling into a sea green/blue tidal pond. Indeed, creator James Michener, who stated “Stories of the South Pacific,” called Bora “the most excellent island on the planet.” The eighteenth century British voyager James Cook even authored it as the “Pearl of the Pacific.” The very meaning of a tropical escape, joyful Bora teems with extravagant hotels, radiant skies, warm waters and amicable local people.

What’s more, as you might’ve just speculated, the primary business on this petite island in French Polynesia and its swarm of minor motu (islands) is the travel industry. Keeping that in mind, you can swim, investigate Vaitape (Bora’s primary port), climb Mount Otemanu and the sky is the limit from there. Be that as it may, there’s a trick: Bora is costly – over the top expensive. To put it plainly, visit Bora for normal excellence, visit for absolute unwinding and visit on the off chance that you have the cash.